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RTD PT100 PT1000 Temperature Sensors
Custom NPT Metric Thread Temperature Sensor
Digital Temperature Sensor
Why Choose Us
We provide high reliable and flexible sensor solution in custom temperature sensors, thermal sensing elements NTC PTC Thermistors,Interchangeable thermistor for medical,high temperature RTD PT100 PT500 PT1000 sensor,IP68 waterproof overmoulding sensor etc. Focusens is a ISO certified and patented company specially works in developing,producing and service of temperature sensors and thermal humidity components. With more than 15 years field experience,we are committed to provide quality and prompt delivery of temperature and humidity components, as well as custom design service in temperature humidity field. Our activities covers all over the world, including Europe, America, Latin America,Australia and South Africa.Our customers covers Important players such as Schneider, Haier, Bears,,JAC etc.
Our main products including various temperature sensors and temperature element,various output type humidity transducer, and temp.humidity monitor and control units.
We provide professional design, manufacturing, and assembly, meanwhile accept OEM with customers design .

Our Advantages

Flexible products Customize Service
Instead of a fixed range of standard products, we always ready to provide flexible and customize products and solution in Temperature & Humidity Sensing and control area, from basic components to assembly and then to modules. Our D&D team combine with our manufacturing Engineering expertise enable us well understanding the specific requirements from variety applications.

The Highest Products and Service Quality Control
We believe our life exist in quality control and keeping on our products and services. Each parts we delivered comes from our strict interior and external control process.

Innovation And Technology Improvement
Quality makes us alive, meanwhile innovation makes us lives vigour and longer. Our engineering team consist of experienced members from 30-40 years old. We always focused on better understanding customers needs creatively and innovatively. Our customers voice will be highly valued at us.

Environmental Friend
All of our products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We are safe to applications from food to medical grade.